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April 2005

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michael zaks


Just to let you know how much I enjoyed your book. I went to ANU in Canberra and vicariously got to know a lot of climbers. Too many lost their way on the mountains, I lost a number of friends before I really knew them. I am just an avid bushwalker.

Hope your camps go well and will just keep in touch with your thoughts as time goes on.

rgds Michael

pam sanford (Glisky)

I believe you are the woman cli8mber I
've beeen searching for. Did National Geopraphoc Explorer do and article abut you climbing the face o half dome of few years ago (2002-2000. In this article there were references to a plane crash in Yosimete's Lower Lake Merced. My husband - Jon - was the pilot on this plane..Your stories brought back many memories and also a side of the that good came to alot of people..mine was the lose of the man a loved and adhored...but it gave me a whole new look at the accident-alot of people's dreams came true with that whole event. I wuld like to get in touch with you if it is comfortable and talk abut some of those good things. Two sides to evfery coin you known. It's important..plese reply

Pam Glisky

pam glisky

I just read my coment to yu...please forgive the spelling's late


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